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I am a third year student currently completing my bachelor degree on Chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus. My Research experience started in January, 2016 with Dr. Pasquale F. Fulvio working in a project named Novel Chitosan Nanoparticles as Tumor-directed Drug Delivery Carriers. After a year working at Dr. Pasquale F. Fulvio’s Research laboratory I became a fellow of the Puerto Rico Louis Stakes Alliance for Minority Participants (PR-LSAMP) Program. With the help of my research mentor and the PR-LSAMP, in this summer I am joiningDr. Edward Moreira Bahnson’s Reasearch Lab working with his project which purpose is to design a cell-mediated targeted delivery system to deliver therapeutics to the cardiovascular system using nanoparticles loaded with sulforaphane, a small molecule nrf2 activator. Assessing at last their ability to inhibit proliferation and migration of smooth muscle cells in vitro. With all of these goals in mind I am trilled to have this opportunity of working with Dr. Bahnson and his research group at The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.