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I am originally from Sydney, Australia where I began my scientific training with an Advanced B.Sc. in Nanotechnology from the University of New South Wales. I went on to complete my Ph.D in Pathology also from the University of New South Wales in 2016 under the joint supervision of Associate Professor Shane Thomas, Dr Martin Rees and Professor Jonathan Morris. In my Ph.D., entitled “Inhibition of myeloperoxidase-mediated endothelial dysfunction by glycocalyx-targeted nitroxides” I synthesised a series of novel nitroxide compounds with the two-fold aim of inhibiting the inflammatory enzyme, myeloperoxidase and enhancing nitroxide uptake into the endothelium where this enzyme is sequestered. This gave me experience in synthetic chemistry and cell biology with a focus on oxidative stress in the vascular endothelium. I then completed post-doctoral training in the thrombosis and platelet biology laboratory of Prof. Shaun Jackson at the Charles Perkins Centre, Heart Research Institute at the University of Sydney. Here I investigated the role of oxidative stress in mediating a dysfunctional phenotype of diabetic platelets. As a new member of the Bahnson group I will be taking advantage of my diverse training to develop novel targeting strategies to deliver redox-based therapeutics to atherosclerotic plaque in diabetes. In my free time I hope to explore the US and try as many craft brews, local wines and new foods as I can!