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Originally from the warm coast of a Caribbean island, I moved to the snowy lands of upstate New York in my teenage years. There, I attended Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where I received my BS in Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience. As an undergraduate at RIT I worked under Dr. Christina Goudreau Collison in the Chemistry department. My work in the Goudreau group focused on synthesizing monofluorometric and difluorometric cross-membrane molecular probes for studying amphipathic systems. In 2017 I joined the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP) here at UNC, and more recently the Pharmacology program. As a part of the Bahnson group I aim to develop targeted ways to deliver therapeutic agents to the damaged vasculature in order to prevent restenosis. Personally, I like to spend my free time crocheting, felting, or playing video/board games.