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We are a dynamic multidisciplinary research group studying diabetic vasculopathies. We are part of the Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Our long term research aims to change the way we treat arterial disease in diabetes by:

  • Understanding how we can manipulate the redox environment of the vasculature to treat cardiovascular disease.
  • Understanding how different causes of redox dysfunction such as air pollution affect vascular surgery outcomes.
  • Developing targeted systems using nanotechnology to locally deliver redox-based therapeutics to the diseased arteries.

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JEDI Statement

“In the Bahnson Research Group, we are committed to provide the tools and empower every lab member to pursue their interests and develop their potential. We are intentional in welcoming different people, intentional in celebrating diversity, and intentional in creating an environment where we¬†can all thrive…” Read more.


Accepting Rotation Graduate Students for 2023 / 2024