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Various forms of redox interventions, including several NO-based approaches have successfully prevented restenosis following arterial injury or bypass grafting in experimental models. Our lab focuses on developing approaches to deliver redox interventions targeted to local sites. We have previously demonstrated that S-nitrosothiols effectively inhibit neointimal hyperplasia in a non-diabetic rat model of vascular injury.

SNO inhibition of neointimal hyperplasia


Vitamin B12 acts as an antioxidant reacting with superoxide with a high rate constant

Our goal is to study local intervention as a means to regain redox homeostasis in the dysfunctional vasculature in the context of hyperglycemia and insulin resistance. Our therapeutic approach includes S-nitrothiols, and derivatives of Vitamin B12.

Currently there is active research using various redox-active molecules in the treatment of diabetes. Further evaluation of the effects of redox therapies in diabetic vasculopathies naturally follows the current available data.